Our Story

We began in late 2018 when a group of friends walked their huskies at Haysden Country Park in Tonbridge, Kent.


Word quickly spread that a group of people walk their huskies in the park, and this got the attention of the local council.


Soon after the Leisure Services Officer from the council invited members of the group to join the Haysden Country Park committee to represent our interests.


In early 2019 Tonbridge Husky & Malamute Walking Group was established.


Due to the popularity of the group from people outside of the Tonbridge district the council granted special permission for the group to utilise the park around the Leigh barrier for walking our breed. This began as a fortnightly gathering and the dogs had so much fun and many friendships were formed.

Towards the end of 2019 the council were coming under increased pressure from the local dog walkers in the area that there were just too many huskies in the park which forced the council to put an end to the group gatherings.


The BIG Barn in Hailsham came to our rescue and the group further increased in popularity from owners of the breed in the Sussex area.



This was great news as it displayed an interest from owners of the breed to have somewhere safe and secure to be socialised, have fun while being off leash in complete safety.


Not forgetting our roots, in mid 2020 we added a second venue to the calendar being invited by the owner of Fox Platt Farm near Redhill where the group enjoyed further success.


Due to the overwhelming response both venues could no longer accommodate the huge size of the group events and again we had the task of finding our new homes just before the Pandemic hit.


Today as we re-open our doors, we are now in Partnership with

SHWA-UK to invite fosterers and adopters to join us to facitate the continued rehabilitation and social interaction of their rescue dogs.


Our new homes are based at Carewell Canines in Surrey and Freedom Field Bluebells in Sussex and there is a proposal to add a Kent venue to the calendar in the future.

Our core values have remained the same since we began in 2018 to provide the facilities for the breed to run free in complete safety with as many amenities available for the dogs as possible and for them to enjoy their time together.