The Sled-Dog and Northern Breed Group

As the leading sled dog walking group for the Southern Counties. We work in partnership with SHWA (UK) to invite fosterers and adopters to join us in order to facilitate the continued rehabilitation and social interaction of their rescue dogs.



Carewell Canines – Surrey events

Due to circumstances out of our control, THMWG events at Carewell Canines are

CANCELLED with immediate effect.

I know this may have come as a shock this evening (as indeed it did myself and my team) and I would like to apologise to all our members old/new for the inconvenience this will cause to the socialisation of your dogs.

As soon as I have more information on the resumption of the events I will let you know.

Darren Larkin - Founder & Group Leader

Tonbridge Husky & Malamute Walking Group works to provide safe environments for Huskies, Malamutes and sled-dog breeds to run free in secure enclosed fields in beautiful surroundings in Lingfield, Surrey.

We hold events for Huskies, Malamutes and sled-dogs including cross breeds
every Sunday morning in Lingfield, Surrey.
Our group is open for anyone to join who has a sociable, balanced

and well mannered dog.
We do not accept reactive or unsocialised dogs.

Find out more about our upcoming events.