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Contact Behaviourist

HDC Behaviour is run by experienced animal behaviour consultant Susan Gammage, who is a member of

Tonbridge Husky & Malamute Walking Group and provides a compassionate, scientific-based service to help owners

with dog behaviour issues.

Susan gained qualifications in Equine, Canine and Feline Behaviour and follows the Natural Animal Centre ethics of using positive reinforcement in behaviour modification programmes.

Susan has completed level 1 and 2 of the COAPE Higher Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and completing courses in

Biology, Psychology Biology with the Open University, completing a BSc (Hons) with the Open University.

  • CAPBT committee member

  • IAABC Certified Member

  • ABTC Accredited Behaviourist


Susan also runs regular behaviour clinics at South East Dog Rescue.


Please contact Susan on or call 01342 824476 or 07808 931456 for more information.

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